Ms. Ross and MRSC students, Neiman Marcus, DART and MSC representatives

Feb 1, 2018 - MRSC Student Session

Executive Director Ms. Ross speaking to Mayor's Rising Star Council students, Neiman Marcus, DART and Mayor's Star Council representatives about the history of the Queen City neighborhood and the Park South YMCA.

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At the DART Bus Stop

Facilitator Crystal Perry and MSC class member Emily Garvin lead a discussion about the student vision for the future of this neighborhood. Students tour the neighborhood to engage in experiential learning. The local Dallas artist both listens and actively participates in the conversation while beginning to sketch at the bus stop.

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Ebony Lewis - our award winning artist

Ebony leads a conversation with students as ideas are sparked and shared.

Featured on WFAA

MSC Executive Director Diana Einstein
Park South YMCA Rodrigua Ross
DART Media Representative Mark Ball


A special thank you to our sponsor, Neiman Marcus

Kevin Hurst, Director of Charitable Giving & Associate Volunteerism, addressing the community at the installation ceremony and celebration on April 13, 2018.