The Mayor's Star Council aims to make an impact in Dallas communities. We believe this is one of the ways to affect true change. Below you can enjoy the impact of various classes.


class of 2016-2017

Maybe a bit dramatic, yet the metaphor works for the theme of Mayor’s Star Council 2016-2017; “Our City, Our Responsibility, Awareness Meeting Action.” The metaphor comes from a portion of a quote placed at Dealey Plaza on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas of the speech the president was never able to give that day. It reads, “We in this country, in this generation, are — by destiny rather than choice — the watchmen on the walls of world freedom. We ask, therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility — that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint.” To be a watchwoman and watchman is to take responsibility for your community, your sphere of influence, your industry, your city, and ownership of its failures, and needs. Then to work with others to build, especially those different from us, a hopeful vision for a vibrant future, and give a true hand of help to our neighbor.  

This year was an exercise in growing our awareness, hopefully giving us a clearer picture of how to take more effective action with serving our city.  During our Corporate Meetings, we learned about neighborhoods from the civic, business, and non-profit leaders, and of those living and working in each neighborhood. They have shown us real examples of what responsibility looks like.  

We launched the inaugural MSC Conference “Engage Dallas” for emerging leaders in our city! Engage Dallas had over 300 attendees, partnered with 10 organizations,  heard from 13 Dallas leaders, including Mark Cuban and Mayor Mike Rawlings. The conference raised over $40,000 for MSC. In partnership with Dr. Larry Terry and the University of North Texas Dallas, the discussions were put into a white paper in order to provide an initial plan for sustainable action in the wake of the summit. The white paper advocates for a community-driven, holistic strategy for leadership, based on the issues discussed at Engage Dallas.  Scroll down for the Engage Dallas 2017 white paper.

Expanding our efforts to connect the various classes, we launched our Alumni Relations initiative, and MSC Connect. MSC Connect is our coaching program to connect MSC alumni, city leaders, and business leaders with the current class to foster mentorship, connections, and goal-centered interactions that take shape based on the needs of the mentee. Our Alumni Relations efforts center on finding real value for MSC alumni, and key connections to build a program that benefits our former MSC’ers. This year it was also important that we create consistency in our communications, and expand our platforms for MSC. We wanted to tell the story of emerging leaders in Dallas, and challenge perspectives of the Southern Dallas region by sharing of people’s lives through photography, informed blogs, and awareness.

The Mayor’s Star Council (MSC) has teamed up with DART, DISD high schools and local Dallas artists on an unparalleled initiative—The Bus Stop Project. Together with our partners, MSC is creating the opportunity for artwork designed and envisioned by local high school students to be showcased at select DART bus stops throughout the City of Dallas. A sign is displayed on bus stops in Southern Dallas with the logos of MSC, DART and the supporting company. The key to these signs, and therefore community revitalization and education, is including neighborhood history as well as a vision for the future determined by local students. The students from Mayor’s Rising Star Council spend hours talking, dreaming and visioning with a local artist, who then turns their hopes for their neighborhood into a drawing that will be placed on the sign in the bus stop. Thousands of Dallas residents will be exposed to these signs over 2 years, therefore learning about the neighborhoods and the dreams of the youth who live there. So far, we have raised $60,000 with this initiative, which includes a portion for the Mayor’s Rising Star Council students for college prep. A new relationship between a particular sponsor and school also led to an in-kind donation worth thousands for the Lincoln High School Communications facilities.

Please enjoy the photo gallery of the 2016-2017 class below!

class of 2015-2016

Over 5,000 hours of service working with Mayor's Rising Star Council. 100% of MRSC seniors attended 4 year universities from 5 high schools.

class of 2014-2015

class of 2013-2014

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