Frequently Asked Questions

If I have questions regarding the application and/or process where do I go?

Who should I choose to be my references?

  • Someone who knows you well who has volunteered or worked closely with you

  • They can be:

    • MSC alumni or current class

    • Community, business or civic leader

    • Employer

  • Please refer references to our online form

Is an interview required as a part of the process?

  • No, interviews will be conducted as needed

How is my application and membership fee used?

  • The fees help cover the operational expenses of the organization, in conjunction with donations

What if I cannot pay the membership fee?

  • Scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis, and may be requested

  • Payment plans are offered

  • If you are in this situation, please reach out to to make alternate arrangements

What are the MSC committees?

  • Learn

  • Connect

  • Serve

  • Bus Stop Project

  • Outreach

How are the alumni involved?

  • Board members, committee chairs and committee members

  • Support of current/future MSC classes through hosting and attending events or meetings

  • Serving as mentors to current class members through MSC Connect

  • Making financial or in-kind donations

What are the commitments of the MSC class?

When are the MSC meetings?

  • Learn: Monthly Corporate Meetings are the last Tuesday of the month, except for November and December

  • Connect: Meet consistently with your mentor and your classmates through events occurring throughout the year

  • Serve: Volunteer opportunities and Impact project meetings are usually on the weekend or in the evening

How involved is the Mayor in the MSC?

  • The Mayor is the co-founder of MSC and serves as the honorary chairman of the board

  • The Mayor supports MSC and through attendance and/or speaking at meetings and/or events

  • Occasionally the Mayor provides additional opportunities to work with his office. This is a great opportunity to support key initiatives in Dallas.

What is the benefit to me as an MSC member?

  • Interaction with the Mayor of Dallas and his office

  • Widespread network across industry and community leaders and peers in Dallas

  • Individual mentorship with key city leaders

  • Participation in key issues impacting the city

  • Interaction with other YP groups in Dallas