2016-2017 Mayor’s Star Council (MSC)

Committee Details

We believe that one of the strongest assets of the MSC is the four committees that make up each class. Committees provide an even greater opportunity to build relationships with your fellow members. Committees are overseen by a single chairperson, voted upon by the members of each committee in the first month of council membership. In addition, chairpersons also comprise the executive committee of MSC, alongside the President, Vice President and Alumni Relations Chair. Committee members and chairs are responsible for the oversight and management of the following tasks and duties. To better understand each committee, we have provided a brief summary. During the retreat, alumni and previous chairs will be present to help guide and provide advice to each newly formed committee.

The four committees are: External Relations, Development, Membership and Project. Committee descriptions can be found HERE.

Selection Process

Our goal is to have all members assigned to a committee by the retreat. Please review all four committee summaries and select your preferences below. The leadership of MSC will make every attempt possible to assign members their top preferences. However, please understand that not everyone will receive the first assignment they selected.

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