Committee Descriptions


We believe that one of the strongest assets of the MSC is the four committees that make up each class. Committees provide an even greater opportunity to build relationships with your fellow members. A chairperson, voted upon by the members of each committee during the retreat, oversees each committee. In addition, chairpersons also comprise the executive committee. Committee members and chairs are responsible for the oversight and management of the following tasks and duties. To better understand each committee, we have provided a brief summary. Please keep in mind that these duties may change throughout the direction of your class year. During the retreat, alumni and previous chairs will be present to help guide and provide advice to each newly formed committee.


The four committees are: External Relations, Development, Membership and Project.


Selection Process

Our goal is to have all members assigned to a committee by the conclusion of the retreat. Please review all four committee summaries and select your preferences at (http://www.mayorstarcouncil.org/committee-selection) The leadership of MSC will make every attempt possible to assign members their top preferences. However, please understand that not everyone will receive the assignment they select.


External Relations Committee

The External Relations Committee is responsible for all outward-facing communication for the Mayor's Star Council. The committee oversees implementation of the mission and brand promise, including developing messaging strategy for all MSC news outlets. The team also works to identify potential local, state and national community partners, their needs, and how to promote their specific programs.

Responsibilities include strategy for: 

·       Posting on social channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. 

·       All media and blogger outreach, release drafting and routing through the Mayor's office and any relevant sponsors/community partners.

·       Maintaining mayorstarcouncil.org website.

·       Developing and maintaining a blog and newsletter editorial calendar for mayorstarcouncil.org and ensuring timely posting/sharing of posts. 

·       Assisting in design/creation of collateral items for MSC and programs/events. 

·       Partnering with the Social Media team assigned to the Mayor’s GrowSouth report, Spring 2016.

·       Additional related tasks.


Development Committee

The job of the fundraising committee is to ensure well-planned, timely and strategic fundraising to allow the continued success of the Mayor’s Star Council and its service to the Southern Dallas community. The job of the development committee is NOT to just ask the President for a list of foundations and donors. The role of the development committee is strategic and responsibilities are recurring. Committee members should know how to think strategically, develop a plan and ensure that the plan is implemented. 

Responsibilities Include:

  • Set specific fundraising target and meet or exceed that target
  • The fundraising plan is the roadmap for generating sufficient revenue. 
  • It should include an action plan that the fundraising committee ensures is implemented on a timely basis. 
  •  Ensure prospect research occurs to identify how much money might be raised from different types of resources
  • Identify specific potential sources of funds from a diverse mix of sources
  • Use, update, and maintain donor pipeline document
  • Develop an action plan about who is going to approach what source, how and by when
  • Set up and/or attend meetings, as necessary, with prospective donors
  • Use proper administrative documents to track grants and donations
  • Fundraising Committee Chair to send handwritten thank you card to all donors
  • Prepare/provide turnover binder for following year fundraising team and train them 

Project Committee

The Project Committee is responsible for working with our partner organization to plan a meaningful, impactful and measurable volunteer opportunity for the class. The project options will be presented at the retreat, and the class members will vote on the project that speaks to them the most. By having the class choose the project, it will ensure a deep investment in the partner organization, the people and the community we will serve. The survey will be sent the week following the retreat.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working with our partner organization to determine the dates, times and locations for volunteering from September through July.
  • Identifying the projects that will happen each month and purchasing and organizing supplies.
  • Sending instructions/reminders to the class for their assigned project.
  • Tracking the impact throughout the year at 3, 6, 9 and 12 month intervals.
  • Collaborating with the External Relations Committee to communicate the stories and impact of the project.


Membership Committee

The membership committee is responsible for many of the internal events and meetings of MSC, as well as cultivating and developing the pipeline for future MSC classes. Events that members of this committee will plan include our Corporate meetings, social events, and other activities that help further relationships within the MSC class. Lastly, this committee will also help oversee the recruitment for the next MSC (2017-2018) class. 

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Execute monthly Corporate meetings including speakers, venue and dinner 
  •  Plan social, family-friendly, alumni and service-oriented events for the MSC class, such as happy hours, dinners, baseball games, etc. 
  • Plan the holiday party for the current class and alumni
  • Work with the leadership team to provide professional development and leadership training opportunities 
  • Carry out the recruitment of next year’s class through informational sessions and work with External Relations Committee to publicize these events
  • Responsible for minutes at all corporate meetings