If accepted for the 2019-2020 MSC Class,
MSC Members commit to:

  • Submit Membership dues by July 15, 2019, after the 2019-2020 MSC Class is announced.

    • Individual and Nonprofit: $1000
      For Profit: $1500

    • Applicants are welcome to contribute beyond the Membership dues at an amount of your comfort level that will help cover the cost of other class members.

    • Dues can be paid by the member directly, as a corporate sponsorship, or raised individually by the member. Scholarships and Payment Plans are available and are awarded on an as-needed basis.

  • Attendance at ALL mandatory Mayor’s Star Council Corporate Meetings and Serve Projects, including the Opening and Mid-year Retreats (dates will be provided this summer).

  • Participate in the recruitment and selection of the 2020-2021 MSC Class.

  • Attend monthly Committee meetings for the Committee on which you serve. Each MSC Committee Chair sets dates for their respective Committee meetings. MSC Members are able to submit preferences as to which committee they'd like to serve on.

  • Contact your MSC Committee Chair one week in advance to ensure they know why you are unable to attend so they can provide you with action items or objectives before the meeting.

  • Send updates to your MSC Committee Chair prior to the meeting (this applies for both the Corporate and Committee meetings).

  • An estimated time commitment of 15 hours a month for MSC Members (20 hours a month for MSC Committee Chairs).

  • Respond to any correspondence or requests from the MSC Class Chair or your MSC Committee Chair in a timely manner.

  • Actively participate in an MSC Alumni Association after graduation and to support and act as Mentors to future MSC Members.

  • MSC Attendance Policy: Only two (2) meetings can be missed, including excused absences. Any member missing more than 2 (two) meetings will be dismissed from the program. No exceptions.