march Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals


The Mayor’s Star Council (MSC) is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to artists/artist teams interested in creating unique durable artwork to serve as bus stop installations at specific locations in Southern Dallas. Each Bus Stop Project installation is sponsored by private donors and maintained by DART as part of a network of public art installations in Dallas bus stops.  


Are you passionate about the Arts? Education? Dallas history? Do you want to help beautify our city while promoting the history and culture of Dallas’ unique communities? Apply to create a bus stop art installation in Dallas in tandem with local DISD students through the Mayor’s Star Council.

Mayor’s Star Council (MSC)

Our mission is to empower leaders to impact our city through our 3 pillars: Learn, Connect and Serve. MSC members engage with peers who share the same passion for improving our city and gain valuable experience that serves as a catalyst for becoming a committed leader in Dallas. The Mayor’s Star Council is made up of a group of diverse leaders from the ages of 25-40 that come from eight different areas of cultural and professional influence: Arts & Entertainment, Business, Education, Government, Hospitality & Tourism, Media, Religion and the Social Sector. This group has accepted the challenge from our Mayor to be civically engaged in the challenges the city faces rather than inheriting them in the future. While not officially affiliated with the city, MSC works alongside the Mayor of Dallas, and as such, the MSC projects reflect the priorities set forth by the Mayor. MSC works collaboratively with the Mayor to assist with key initiatives, including GrowSouth.

The Bus Stop Project

The Mayor’s Star Council (MSC) has teamed up with DART, DISD and local Dallas artists on a unique initiative—The Bus Stop Project—and we want you to join us. Together with our partners, the MSC is creating the opportunity for artwork designed by local artists and co-envisioned by Dallas high school students to be showcased at select DART bus stops throughout the City of Dallas.

Each unique art installation:

  • Encourages local DISD students to envision and take ownership for the future of their communities. Working with our team of artists, students envision the future of their neighborhoods while connecting that vision to the recognition and honor of their community’s past.

  • Highlights the history and culture of the neighborhood in Dallas it is located in. This project promotes the strong heritage of our communities in Southern Dallas by highlighting the stories and history that aren’t always visible in locations visited by hundreds to thousands daily.

  • Connects Northern & Southern Dallas. By offering a uniquely creative opportunity for investment, the Bus Stop Project facilitates the economic and cultural linkage of south and north through enabling Dallas-based donors and corporations to consider and invest in Southern Dallas. Sister stops offer the additional opportunity for students and all interested Dallas residents to “follow the trail” or bus route connecting two Dallas communities.

  • Incorporates the brand or logo of the sponsor. The Bus Stop Project offers a unique way to highlight organizations making an impact in our city.

The intent of this project is to build a network of public art installations in bus shelters across the Southern sector and the City of Dallas.

Each art installation location is chosen in cooperation with the Project’s sponsors and DART. Funding for each bus stop installation is contingent upon donations and other community support.



The selected artists will be expected to work collaboratively with the MSC and Mayor’s Rising Star Council (MRSC) students to identify the nature of the public artwork. Though the MSC and MRSC will be open to a wide range of ideas, the selected artists/artist teams should keep in mind the several fundamental aims of the project outlined above while designing artwork for the site. The artist will be responsible for designing the work, overseeing fabrication and supporting the coordination of the installation. Other design and fabrication priorities that will be taken into consideration include:

  • High aesthetic merit of the work

  • Overall safety and functionality of the design

  • Low degree of maintenance of the work

For this particular request for proposals, the Mayor’s Star Council Bus Stop Project selection panel will select two artists to work collaboratively to produce “sister stop” installations. Artists may apply independently or in tandem with a preferred partner. While individual works may be created by each artist independently, the two selected artists will be expected to work together not only with the MSC and MRSC but one another to reflect the unique relationship of the two bus stop installations as “sister stops.”

Given that there are multiple possible locations available for artwork placement as determined on a rolling basis, the artist/artist team will be given the opportunity, to the extent possible, to partner on the location(s) that best fits their proposed interest and enables design with the specific location(s) in mind.  

Our current Bus Stop Project art installation is located outside of Lincoln High School at the DART Bus Stop at Elsie Faye Heggins and S. Malcolm X Blvd. One upcoming neighborhood location for the Bus Stop Project includes the DART Bus Stop outside of the Park South YMCA at the corner of Romine Ave and Latimer Street. While the majority of Bus Stop Project installations will be in the southern sector of Dallas, sister stop locations may be located in Dallas outside the Southern sector.

Artwork must be functional (typically design is printed on fiberglass sign and secured to a bus shelter with rivets), and should be appropriate and responsive to the pedestrian-oriented streetscape environment.


Eligible artists must be 18 years or older. Artists who reside within the City of Dallas or with a history of living in Dallas are preferred.  Please Note:  The selected artist must be available to begin design work immediately (first meeting in March, followed by meeting with the students on April 5.) Artist must also be available to oversee and advise upon installation of the artwork, tentatively scheduled for late Spring to early Summer 2018, with planned unveiling in June 2018.


Applicants must demonstrate the following qualifications and qualities:

  • Ability to work collaboratively with students, sponsors, community stakeholders, other design professionals, and staff

  • Ability to understand a locale’s sense of place, and design in a context-sensitive manner

  • Demonstrated successful creative, innovative, and effective approach in comparable projects

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Experience working with durable materials specific to the outdoor environment

  • Proven mastery or skill in at least one artistic medium


Artist Compensation: $1,000 per bus stop

MSC will cover all supply and artwork fabrication costs.


The selection panel for this project will consist of Stephanie Hudiburg, Bus Stop Project Chair; Diana Einstein, Executive Director of The Mayor’s Star Council; Crystal Perry, Forbes featured Brand Strategist; Kevin Hurst, Director of Charitable Giving and Associate Volunteerism at Neiman Marcus; ; Lily Weiss, Executive Director at Dallas Art District; Karen Wagner, CEO of North Texas Business Council for the Arts. The selection panel and advisors will review the submissions and recommend artists and alternates for commission. The artists will work closely with staff from the MSC and the Bus Stop Project Committee to finalize design for presentation and installation with DART.  Once approved, the artist(s) will proceed with overseeing fabrication and installation.


SCHEDULE (may be revised)

Request for Proposals Issued March 12, 2018

Deadline for Artist submittals March 29, 2018

Review of proposals/interviews Late March, 2018

Artists chosen/put under Contract Late March, 2018

Bus Stop Project Art Session with MRSC students April 5, 2018 (8:30am-12pm)

Artist’s Design Options Submission April 20, 2018

Student Vote on Design Options Late April, 2018

Fabrication Commences May 2018

Installation June 2018

Public Unveiling June 2018


~~~~~~~~~~~ S U B M I S S I O N   R E Q U I R E M E N T S ~~~~~~~~~~~


1.  Letter of Interest

Please describe your interest in this project and general approach to an artwork installation of this type, describing your design expertise and preferred materials, experience working with students, Dallas neighborhood interests, and prioritized listing of preferred location(s) assignment(s).  Entire letter should be no longer than one (1) typed page.

Note: written description of anticipated fabrication and installation methods, and requirements for long-term maintenance and care especially, will be required at submission of Design Options in February.

2.  Professional Resume

Please provide your resume or outline your experience as an artist (no longer than four typed pages). In the case of a team application, please include resumes for each team member.  

3. Digital Images of Past Work

Please provide 10 digital images of past work in a PowerPoint presentation (may additionally be provided on one PC-compatible CD), with images in priority order of desired presentation. Images within the PowerPoint should have maximum dimensions of 800 x 600 pixels and minimum dimensions of 720 x 480 pixels. Each PowerPoint slide must include (at minimum) the artist’s name, title of the work, medium and size. Additional information, if applicable, could include site, commissioning person or agency, and budget. Installations or 3-dimensional work may be illustrated by multiple images. Please keep formatting simple and do not include fancy fonts, colors, transitions, sound or other “extras.”  Please keep total size for the PowerPoint presentation under 2 MB, or it will not be viewed. If provided, the CD should be clearly labeled in ink with the artist’s name and contact information. CDs will not be returned, unless requested. If digital in any other format, please contact Diana Einstein at MSC for instructions on how to submit your material (see contact information below).

4.  Professional References

Please provide the names and contact information of two individuals with whom you have worked or who have commissioned your work in the past.  Actual letters of reference are not required.

~~~~~~~~~~~ I M P O R T A N T   I N S T R U C T I O N S ~~~~~~~~~~~


  • Please submit all materials via email to  Do not use physical copies to submit your application materials in notebooks or binders.

  • Printed photographs and/or web sites may not be substituted for images in Powerpoint presentation and/or on CD.  

  • Applications received after 8:00 p.m., Sunday, March 25, 2018, will not be considered.

If you need to submit something via mail or drop off in person, please contact Diana below.


Diana Einstein, Executive Director, The Mayor’s Star Council

Stephanie Keller Hudiburg, Chair, The Bus Stop Project