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#GrowSouth Year 2 Report

Last night, the Mayor returned to the southern sector of Dallas for his annual report on the GrowSouth initiative in South and Southern Dallas. The report focused on development and encouraging stories over the past year. We, the Mayor's Star Council, took a much larger role in the event this year, and we helped promote the many great things coming from the GrowSouth plan.

This year, a packed cafeteria at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center (which houses the #1 high school in the nation) in Oak Cliff played host to Mayor Rawlings and his year two report of the GrowSouth plan. It was great to catch up with the many friends and faces all working towards the same goal of cultivating the opportunities that exist in South/Southern Dallas. The Mayor focused on his ten key indicators of the GrowSouth plan. And, while the Mayor shared stories of increased economic growth and neighborhood development; a small army of MSC members took to social media to share the Mayor's plan.

While the Mayor shared great information, graded the progress and discussed how the city can do better; for us, our highlight came when three of our very own Mayor's Rising Star Council members joined the Mayor on stage at the conclusion. Seeing these MRSC members and hearing about their hopes for their neighborhood was an inspiring conclusion to the Mayor's report. As the MSC and MRSC continue to build relationships in South Dallas, events like today are a great way to see how far we've grown and how much more work there is left to do.

David Higbee | MSC Member 2013-2014



Mayor’s Rising Star Council join Mayor Rawlings to Clean Up Dallas!

This last Saturday, members of the Mayor’s Star Council and members of the Mayor’s Rising Star Council  joined Mayor Mike Rawlings to cleanup neighborhoods and parks in South Dallas. As part of the larger GrowSouth, groups ventured out into various areas of South Dallas and began the clean up efforts. Our own MSC and MRSC members share their thoughts on the day.

“I was very enthusiastic about the clean up. It was a joy cleaning our community while also having my friends around. I’m really glad that at least 30 of my peers from W. H. Adamson attended as well.”

-Mario C. Aparicio | MRSC Member 2014

“This weekend’s events at the different high school were truly amazing… Our group was at Lincoln High School and we had a good group from their school along with more than 50 students from South Oak Cliff High School who got on a bus and came over to Lincoln to serve and help clean up.  The Mayor showed up to share his appreciation with the students specifically encouraging them in that “they would be surprised how their leadership in stepping forward to clean the neighborhood would affect their community”.

- Trey Bowles | MSC Founder

“The cleanup was very motivating and inspiring for simply this reason: it showed our community that not only do we care about our surroundings, but far more about our citizens. Both schools (Roosevelt and Adamson) came together to find loyal and dedicated students,who wanted change in the community,to come and pick up litter surrounding Adamson. I was amazed about  the number of students who was willing to give up their Saturday to join the “movement of change”. From there we split up and went on to paint a wall. We had fun and the Rising Star Council got the done. So this wasn’t only for our benefit but rather selfless service.”

- Catandra Hollins | MRSC Member 2014

“Mayor’s Rising Star Council students from Adamson and Roosevelt High School recruited nearly 40 students to help with the “Neighborhood Clean Up.” Two groups of students cleaned the perimeter of Adamson High School – clearing the area of litter and debris, while another group ventured a little farther into the neighborhood and painted over a graffiti wall.  The students had fun while doing something good in the community – even Mayor Mike Rawlings stopped by to lend a hand at the wall painting!”

- Stephanie Norsworthy | MSC Member 2013-2014

“One of my favorite things about this weekend was hearing how many students want to continue to do more service projects. Not only did they enjoy getting to hang out with friends and free lunch but they all said this was one of the best volunteer experiences they have had.”

- Christian Yazdanpanah | MSC Member 2013-2014

“I am still so impressed with the fact that students from others communities got so excited about cleaning space that wasn’t there “own”.  They got so excited they brought 50+ friends with them.  When asked what was one word they would use to describe what they saw, experienced, etc. some listed were: shocking, inspirational, committed, heartbroken, community, teamwork, impact, difference.  This is hugely important as we continue to focus on teaching our young people about the importance of not only leadership but the value of giving back, even when it may not differently impact their “home”.”

- Christie Myers | MSC Member 2013-2014