On April 11th from 12:30-4:30, the Mayor’s Star Council is teaming up with Union Coffee, Common Desk and Lover’s Lane United Methodist Church to run the largest cape-making factory in Capes 4 Kids history. The event will happen at Common Desk in Deep Ellum and all are welcome to participate.

Capes 4 Kids got its start out of Union Coffee where, once a month, they transform a coffee shop into a cape-making factory. 50-60 volunteers crank out as many kid-sized capes as they can. Afterwards, teams of costumed volunteers put the capes on the backs of children in area pediatric hospitals. Recently, Capes 4 Kids was asked to put capes on the backs of pediatric beneficiaries of the Make a Wish Foundation who were running in a fundraising 5k. With an increasing number of requests like these, Capes 4 Kids approached the Mayor’s Star Council and other organizations about putting together a mega factory to sew, trace, cut and iron 150 capes in one afternoon.

A cape is a powerful thing. It’s a symbol of not only the power to make a difference, but also the calling to do something good with what has been given to you. Heroes wear capes. When we put capes on the backs of children with chronic illnesses, we’re empowering them to defeat villains like cancer, heart disease and epilepsy. Beyond that, we’re challenging them to be heroes outside of the hospital as well. Every now and then, we hear from parents who tell us how much the cape means to their children. Several nurses have said that it makes them better patients.

When Trey Bowles gave me a Mayor’s Star Council pin, he may as well have given me a cape. Knowing that I’ve been recognized by someone else for my ability to make a difference is empowering in a way that calls me to action. Wearing that pin gives me a sense of responsibility for this city that I can no longer tell myself I’m ill-equipped to impact. I’m a better citizen of Dallas as a result of that pin.

Whether it’s with capes or pins, imagine the impact it could have on the city if we were all just a little bit better at empowering one another, encouraging one another and calling out the superheroes we see just beneath the surface of a friend, co-worker or acquaintances face. I think that’s why the Mayor’s Star Council and Capes 4 Kids make such easy partners.

All are welcome to come out to Common Desk on April 11th and help turn children into superheroes. For information about future volunteer events, you can also check Capes 4 Kids volunteer page.


Rev. Mike Baughman
Community Curator, Union Coffee
Member, Mayor’s Star Council